Inspire Your Buyers – take a fresh approach to market engagement

Uncover insights – establish buyer technology, landscape and challenges

Build relationships – initiate sales discussions and nurture early stage buyers

Sales Enablement – increase the results of your inside sales function

  • Inspire Your Buyers

    We are all sick to death of receiving sales messages.  Why? Because we don’t like being interrupted and are bored of people blowing their own company trumpet. If we want to buy technology or services we turn to our network. Whilst there’s a sea of useful information online most of it is written by vendors.  Today, businesses leaders are open to collaboration and information moves much more freely than it once did. The pace of change fuelled by technology means to keep up we must strive to learn from each other as often as possible, both successes and failures. Peer group learning, community and professional profile means a lot to the modern buyer.  Network Sunday designs campaigns with this in mind.

  • Uncover Insights

    Intelligence. The best first meetings are those where a buyer senses that the seller fully understands the problem and can help solve it. Network Sunday’s approach means we find out about programmes in flight, leadership personnel and politics, software stacks, incumbent suppliers, technology roadmap and up and coming challenges.  Whilst we can’t promise to uncover all these insights for every meeting, the Network Sunday approach far out performs any traditional B2B outbound lead generation methodology. Whats more, your prospective buyers are likely to have been fully warmed up by an experienced, mature, Network Sunday business development professional.

Make it easy for your marketing and sales teams to collaboratively plan and execute a social selling strategy and build a stronger sales pipeline.

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  • Build Relationships

    Field or ‘quota carrying’ salespeople’s time is regularly hijacked by proposals and late stage deals, making it difficult forthem to properly manage their own pipeline.  Your buyers are on a journey and in most cases after speaking to your salespeople for the first time they may have to wait for certain future events to occur before they wish to progress the conversation.  Network Sunday takes responsibility for nurturing these people. Whether it is sending out quality E-books and videos, invitations to events or simply following up on the phone after an agreed period, we are focused on keeping up the momentum and strive for securing a follow-up meeting often with a wider audience.

  • Sales Enablement

    A growing number of our clients have their own inside sales team. They all face the same challenge – too many apps to operate. Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are increasingly becoming technology operators, generating leads and often only calling when they see a hot one.  Network Sunday can free up c.50% of an SDRs time so they can speak to more leads = more opportunities each month. Working with our clients’ technology stack or using our own, Network Sunday will take responsibility for research, messaging, pipeline and CRM administration. We will set up KPI trackers giving you more control over your campaigns and forecasts as well as report on your SDRs’ activities.

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