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The 3 Reasons Sales Leaders Choose To Outsource Lead Generation

outsource lead generation

Do you feel anxious when your sales reps resign? After investing time in hiring, training and nurturing new salespeople, voluntary turnover can be disheartening even for seasoned sales leaders. Not to mention, it’s extremely costly.

High staff turnover is not uncommon in sales organisations, where reasons for leaving can can range from a poor fit with the job to the stress of trying to hit sales targets. As a business, the opportunity cost from wasted time and lost sales for the quarter can impact overall quota. This never sits well with your board of directors.

For companies battling with the costly problem of sales team turnover, here are three reasons to outsource lead generation and keep your business growth on track.

1) De-risk your sales team

Partnering with the right business development agency can de-risk your sales team. By separating your early stage lead generation from the rest of your sales process, you guarantee a more consistent sales pipeline that is not dependant on your internal resources and skills.

2) Tap into the latest online lead generation techniques

Many sales reps still rely heavily on traditional lead generation tactics such as cold calling and mass email marketing that don’t deliver results. Although most sales organisations are aware of the benefits of leveraging social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to identify and connect with new leads, they do not have the internal resources to define, implement and train in a new process.

By outsourcing lead generation (to a reputable agency), you can immediately tap into an external team of specialists who have tried and tested experience delivering high quality leads using the latest online lead generation techniques such as social selling.

3) Focus your sales reps on selling

Last year, Docurated’s State of Sales Productivity 2015 released a statistic that salespeople were only spending one third of their time selling. If you’ve asked yourself how you could improve the productivity of your sales team, handing them a steady stream of high quality leads is the number one area that will help them spend more time selling.

According to the study, 31% of reps’ time is spent searching for or creating content, and 20% on reporting, administrative, and CRM-related tasks. Rather than hiring an additional sales rep, get a team of specialists to take over your early stage lead generation – as well as the research, administration and content curation involved.

Lead generation is a time intensive task, especially when there isn’t a process behind it to drive efficiency.


By outsourcing to the right partner agency, you are essentially de-risking sales rep turnover, and motivating your team to sell more.

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