Our Team

Flynn Africa
Social Selling Manager

Flynn joined Network Sunday in April 2016 after an extended period in tourism sales and marketing.  Having worked for 2 of United Kingdom’s largest voluntourism firms as well as key through-the-line advertising campaigns in South Africa, he brings some ingenuity, unique perspective and charisma to the Social Selling team.  Flynn is currently responsible for client service delivery.

Job Mabiala
Social Selling Manager

Job is a firm believer in creating doors for opportunities instead of waiting for them to come knocking. Having successfully acquired, managed and grown accounts in the advertising and television industry, Job is passionate about working in digital and learning different value propositions. Fluent in four languages, Job brings strong communication skills and enthusiasm that he will use to generate opportunities for Network Sunday’s clients.

Neal Sills
Social Selling Manager

Neal has been successful in selling for the past 23 years providing technology to companies to improve work flow, specifically in the area of digital transformation and I.O.T.

Pintsi Zingitwa
Social Selling Manager

Pintsi has in-depth experience in Marketing and Sales in Africa and the United States regions within the medical and lifestyle sectors. He has a natural ability to develop and nurture relationships through technological platforms. His propensity to be self-motivated and persistent is how he achieves growth for his Network Sunday clients.

Roy Gavan
Social Selling Assistant

In his role as Social Selling Assistant, Roy provides administrative and general support to Network Sunday’s social selling team. He contributes to the execution and overall success of the social selling strategies deployed on behalf of the business’s client portfolio.

Row Declaro
Social Selling Assistant

Row provides administrative support to Network Sunday’s social selling managers on a variety of different client accounts, with the shared aim of  delivering excellent results on their engagements.

Ritch Hisoler
Social Selling Assistant

In my role as a Social Selling Assistant, I provide administrative and general support to Network Sunday’s Social Selling team, leveraging our own professional brand and social network to gather insights and connections, then use that information to help discover new opportunities for our clients.

Farhan Khan
Research & Recruitment Manager

Farhan has been a part of Network Sunday since its inception in September 2009. With specialized expertise in utilizing LinkedIn for recruitment and database development, Farhan manages the research team and internal recruitment.

Aamir Shaikh
Manager Data Information & Analytics

With 6+ years of experience in sourcing industry, Aamir supports the research team for Network Sunday. He is also responsible for managing key projects as part of Network Sunday’s social listening and content publishing service.”

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