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The 3 Reasons Sales Leaders Choose To Outsource Lead Generation

outsource lead generation

Do you feel anxious when your sales reps resign? After investing time in hiring, training and nurturing new salespeople, voluntary turnover can be disheartening even for seasoned sales leaders. Not to mention, it’s extremely costly. High staff turnover is not uncommon in sales organisations, where reasons for leaving can can range from a poor fit […]

9 Critical Lead Generation KPIs Sales Leaders Should Measure

The importance of documented key performance indicators (KPIs) for lead generation cannot be overstated within the sales process. As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets done. Here are KPIs that are essential to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your sales function. 1. Number of companies contacted An important component of lead generation is determining […]

Timeless Business Development: The Yellow Pages vs. Sustainability

It is the role of marketers and salespeople to adopt new channels to supply their teams with high quality leads. In this, however, is a paradox: as channels are demonstrated to work they gain popularity and eventually become saturated. Look at any channel whether that be social, such as LinkedIn, or direct email marketing and […]

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