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The Warm Mailer: How to Use Your 2nd Degree Network to Increase Sales Opportunities

I recently blogged about how LinkedIn networks of a company’s executive tier are more often than not untapped vessels of sale opportunities. Why should sales and marketing leaders be incorporating LinkedIn into their business development process? A change specialist friend and client of Network Sunday summed it up perfectly when he described communications with prospects […]

Are You Leveraging the LinkedIn Clout of Your Executive Team?

Your senior people’s LinkedIn networks are untapped vessels of opportunities. They remain untapped because most senior people have finite time and are not responsible for business development. The trick is trying to leverage your C-level executives’ credibility and professional networks without getting them directly involved in the sales process. 2 practical ways high-value LinkedIn networks […]

What Does The Marketing Technology Landscape Look Like In 2015

According to Scott Brinker from Marketing Land, pretty saturated. Scott recently posted an infographic revealing that the number of marketing technology companies has nearly doubled in the space of a year. With 2015 kicking off with an astonishing 1,876 martech companies in categories ranging from Campaign and Lead Management to Mobile Marketing, the next question that […]

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