Social Selling Insights

3 Fundamental of Social Business Development

Picture yourself… You’re the sales and marketing director of a growing technology company. Your targets are as high as your hopes, but the end of Q1 looms like a dark raincloud. To generate new business you’ve attended numerous networking functions and hired a telemarketing agency to set appointments. You’ve spent a lot of time […]

How to Get C-Level Executives to Engage

Source: So you’ve found the right contact. You’ve even dry cleaned your suit for the meeting you’re hoping for. But getting your message in front of the right person isn’t enough. Being the best service provider or vendor with a differentiated proposition also isn’t enough. With only seconds to grab your prospect’s attention before they […]

How to Write a Winning Marketing Email

We’ve all been there… You’ve just been referred to the EMEA Managing Director of ReallyBigIndustries Ltd. Hopefully he’s spoken to your contact and will be expecting an email from you – but don’t count on it. So how do you go about writing a showstopper? Your approach needs to be informative and relevant, but […]

How to Effectively Convert Leads to Appointments

In our first 3 years, other than some email support for scheduling appointments, we relied on our clients to follow up the leads and referrals we generated for them. As you might expect campaigns varied in success, and more often than not, the best results were directly correlated to the dedication and focus of our […]

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