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The Social Selling Tools Every Sales Professional Should Use

There are a lot of new social selling tools coming out for sales professionals that allow them to tap into their prospects social activity and professional interests.

The constraint for using these tools is always time. It takes time away from sending customised messages and calling to log in to the various digital platforms in your sales arsenal. The reality is that complete integration is not always possible, and human intervention is required to fully leverage the advantages that each different platform offers.

3 Social Selling Tools that Every Sales Professional Should Use

1) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is the best tool on the market for outbound sales activities with a social focus. Features such as Team Link, the Leads & Account Tabs, and Lead Builder all concentrate on making social selling easier. You can see your entire sales team’s 1st degree connections for target companies, WVYP, and scroll through a list of prospect Pulse posts and status updates – making social interactions easier.

There are also 3rd party tools available (Ecquire and Zapier) that can assist with automating the data sync between your CRM and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

2) Hubspot Sales Tools

Previously known as Sidekick for Business, Hubspot Sales Tools integrates your email platform with your CRM (Salesforce or Hubspot). This tool is great for automating your one-to-one email process. You can build sequences to send out initial and associated follow up emails over a pre-set number of days or weeks. Once you start enrolling contacts in sequences or sending them tracked emails, the tool also has a browser extension that gives you real-time open and link click-through notifications.

All of this transactional data is automatically logged in your CRM too – so no manual inputs are required to keep track of prospecting activity.

3) Lead Forensics

Have you ever wondered how you could turn website traffic into leads in real time? Lead Forensics closes the gap by allowing you to track the targeted companies you are actively driving to your website and see the pages they’re looking at. The tool also shows real time reports on all other companies visiting your website. You can then compare these to your targeting criteria to see whether they’re worth adding to your CRM.

The best part about Lead Forensics is that it allows you to target active buyers coming on to your website.

You Can Track Everything, But Do You Have The Time To?

The above tools are just three examples of digital platforms that offer daily opportunities to send highly customised messages and make warm calls to prospects. Full integration of your entire toolset may not be possible, but there is still a way to leverage the information you need to prioritise and customise your prospecting activities.

A Simple Framework For Using One Login To Access Your Entire Sales Toolkit

The answer is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The Hubspot sales platform is a good example of a CRM that allows you create custom properties in your contact and target company records.

Once you’ve defined a set of custom fields that capture the information housed in the digital tools you’re using you can ensure these are filled in by a Digital Assistant and prioritise your prospecting by implementing lead scoring filters.

In Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2015 Report, “improving the efficiency of the sales funnel” was revealed as the second biggest priority for sales teams. The CRM you use can have a big impact on your ability to close deals, faster. This is even more true if you have digital assistance filling in manual inputs on behalf of your salespeople.

At Network Sunday, we help our social selling manangers by plugging in a Digital Assistant to create tasks in our CRM and run daily checks on the tools we’re using.

Need assistance with your CRM and sales resources? Download our social selling whitepaper here.

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