Increase Sales Opportunities In Pipe

All our clients have one common objective – increase the number of qualified sales opportunities entering pipe.

We solve a range of challenges including:

Building inside sales functions, delivering leads, tracking and reporting KPIs.

Provision of Sales Development Reps, trained on social selling techniques and tools.

Devise innovative and successful market engagement strategies.  Learn more.

Whatever your requirement Network Sunday takes a partnership approach to the commercial solution.


  • Sales Enablement


    Network Sunday helps you build a powerful social selling engine to support your existing inside sales team. We introduce a highly effective methodology supported by accredited social selling assistants who perform the essential but time consuming administrative tasks which generate a steady stream of fresh sales leads. Your salespeople can invest an extra 2 hours per day telephoning warm leads generated through intelligent one to one outbound marketing. We can also assist with market engagement and messaging strategies.

  • Outsourced Business Development


    You do not have an inside sales team. Your valuable field sales team are pressed for time for one to one engagement with prospects leaving an un tapped market and opening a door to the competition. We will assign a dedicated team who build your sales representatives networks through content publishing, raising awareness, generating and following up new leads on their behalf.  We also assist with progressing these opportunities to a second or third meeting. Your pipeline is managed for you. Nothing slips through the net.

  • Build – Operate – Support


    You do not have an inside sales team. You think you want one, but you know it will take time. You also need help filling the top of the sales funnel asap. Network Sunday will manage this journey for you. Starting with an outsourced service we will quickly fix the top of the funnel and assist with the recruitment, training and management of a small inside sales team, ensuring they are meeting targets within 3 months. We then transfer over the management of these new recruits but continue to support them with dedicated social selling assistants.

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