• Uncover new sales opportunities within your existing and prospective enterprise accounts..

  • Market intelligence, lead generation, content marketing, virtual events, sales meetings.

  • Produce engaging eBooks, articles and videos which feature your buyers.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions for the enterprise. Entertain buyers, secure champions, build brand and pipeline.

Are you a CMO responsible for brand and demand generation? Consider Network Sunday’s global enterprise Business to Human (B2H) marketing solutions designed to entertain and engage pre-selected business buyers through content-led virtual collaborative learning programmes and events.

We work with vendors who sell high-value solutions to multiple buyers in lengthy, unpredictable decision-making processes. Following the pandemic, we have developed a suite of integrated online buyer engagement solutions which open doors to the C-suite and accelerate business development. Read our story.

Implement a proven ABM strategy which will deliver you RESULTS..

Identify decision makers & influencers

Develop a topical theme of interest

Run interviews & present insights

Conversations & new relationships

Produce high quality digital content

Promote content and raise awareness

Sales meetings & virtual events

Measure success: KPIs and ROI

We know the BIGGEST challenge is NOT securing the first meeting..

Whilst securing initial exploratory meetings is a primary marketing objective, gaining MOMENTUM with a wider group of enterprise buyers is the next hurdle.

As our CEO Tim Bond explains in this video, our integrated content-led solutions assist with developing the bottom of the funnel as well as the top.

Take a look at some of our client programmes in flight with TechPros.io

TechPros is Network Sunday’s content and events brand.  TechPros organises interviews with senior business and technology leaders and produces eBooks, articles and videos on topical themes of interest, typically covering digital transformation, regulatory change and more recently the huge impact of Covid-19. TechPros also facilitates virtual roundtables, panel discussions and webinars.

Participants in TechPros thought leadership programmes are acknowledged and featured in publications which receive thousands of unique views, they also learn from their peer group and make new connections. Take a look at some of our current live interviews below.

Looking for help with LinkedIn and email outreach or content marketing services?

Personalised B2H outreach for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Visit ‘Salespro’ a B2H service for SMBs offering a Full-Time Employee (FTE) to research and engage your target accounts with personalised messages to the right people on your behalf and also schedule appointments.  Your account manager works with you on a weekly plan to adapt messaging depending on industry, sector, function etc. Salespro can also assist with a wider range of marketing services e.g. web content, LinkedIn company page management, newsletters, case studies and virtual events as needs arise.