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We are constantly creating new and innovative solutions which help our clients revenue generating teams engage with their buyers. What works today, may not work tomorrow!

Working with Network Sunday means you have an extended sales and marketing team and access to experienced people, process and technology which will build your sales pipeline.

We are a global team of sales and marketing innovators, account managers, content writers, sales development reps, sales assistants, social media analysts, interviewers, video producers and researchers. We help you build relationships and trust with your buyers through a highly innovative new market engagement approach.

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A look backwards – LinkedIn Marketing – The early days

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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

When we started out in 2009 we introduced a new form of social prospecting which spread like wildfire. Messages would result in a 50% or 60% response rate. But today cold outreaches through LinkedIn or email don’t work and people don’t pick up the phone like they used to.  New ideas and approaches are needed to initiate conversations. Welcome to our world!

Add value first. Educate. Build Trust.


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