Network Sunday’s Growth Story

Network Sunday began in 2009. We were the first outbound marketing agency to generate sales leads via LinkedIn, which at the time was a recruitment platform. By 2014, buyers had become saturated with sales messages and the market shifted to inbound content marketing. Network Sunday tested a new marketing approach – instead of promoting products and services from the start, we first initiated dialogue between our clients and their buyers on industry topics for eBooks. The strategy proved successful and we built effective marketing programmes around content and events, which paved the way for sales conversations.

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Network Sunday is looking for an experienced, strategic marketing agency leader in South Africa who has experience recruiting and leading high-performing teams, whilst developing marketing strategies and campaigns, overseeing delivery, upsells, and renewals with European and US clients.

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Network Sunday is looking for an experienced ‘hands-on’ delivery-focused account manager, with a passion for both account development, client service delivery and marketing. Yes, we want an all-rounder!

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