Don’t bore your buyers. Innovate your sales approach. Turn up the volume.

Wouldn’t it be great if hundreds more of your potential buyers understood your solution.

Sales would sky rocket.

The challenge of course is how do you achieve awareness at scale?

People are time poor and competition for their time is increasing.

We all receive impersonal sales pitches through LinkedIn and email. They are boring, uninspiring and mostly irrelevant.

However, if you are successful at pricking someone’s interest, they will talk.

Instead of leading with your pitch, consider asking their opinion on something intellectually stimulating and relevant to what they do, and what you sell.

Make them feel part of a community of experts in your network. You will have more conversations. Such conversations will often lead to your buyers challenging themselves on how they are going about their work, in itself, beneficial to them. They may learn something new. They may see an opportunity.

In exchange for this value, they will give you more of their time.

Getting the psychology right in your message is one challenge. Just as important is building an outreach engine which delivers these exploratory calls straight into your online calendar.

How many of these calls could you be having?

The potential number of exploratory calls in a given period is a function of (1) the size of your addressable market (2) the effectiveness of your message (3) the rigour of your outreach and follow up process.

The performance of your initial call (4) is also critical to a positive outcome.

Typically, you can’t influence (1). Done well, (2), (3) and (4) can offer your organisation huge potential for growth.

If you had this engine running in the background, how many exploratory calls could YOU be having each week?

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