Enterprise Technology

Your company profile

Established Technology company, selling a mix of technology and professionals services. Your organisation will most likely have a sophisticated marketing function with an ongoing range of inhouse and outsourced initiatives. Your software or services will include one or more of the following: Cloud Adoption, Transformation Consulting, Legacy Migration, Security, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Edge Computing. Your sales function is organised by Industry group and / or product / service lines.

Your market is worth almost US$500 Billion, nearly double what it was ten years ago, now growing at just over 7% per year. Competition is limited to <100 large service providers with strong balance sheets.

You sell complex solutions to >$Billion global companies, usually worth >£1M in specific sectors undergoing major transformations to address changes in consumer demand, technology and regulation. Your target market encompasses no more than 20 or 30 companies in each sector.

C-Level and their influencers / direct reports. Your buyers are usually responsible for technology change, innovation and transformation in Europe and the US.

Highly customised research-led ABM approach.  Often existing relationships already in place but looking to break into new functions.