Enterprise Technology

Established software or technology services company, delivering complex high-value solutions to enterprise accounts, globally.

Your organisation will most likely have a sophisticated marketing function with an ongoing range of inhouse and outsourced initiatives. Your software or services will include one or more of the following: Cloud Adoption, Transformation Consulting, Legacy Migration, Security, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Edge Computing. Your sales function is organised by Industry group and / or product / service lines.


Market size
Your market is worth almost US$500 Billion, nearly double what it was ten years ago, now growing at just over 7% per year. Competition is limited to <100 large service providers with strong balance sheets.


Companies you sell to
You sell complex solutions to >$Billion global companies, usually worth >£1M in specific sectors undergoing major transformations to address changes in consumer demand, technology and regulation. Your target market encompasses no more than 20 or 30 companies in each sector.

Your target buyers
C-Level and their influencers / direct reports. Your buyers are usually responsible for technology change, innovation and transformation in Europe and the US.


Outbound Marketing Approach
Highly customised research-led ABM approach.  Often existing relationships already in place but looking to break into new functions.

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