Investment Promotion

Accelerating Corporate Engagement for Investment Promotion Agencies Globally

You are an established Investment Promotion Agency (National, regional or City) an industrial Park or special economic zone keen to build a pipeline of foreign investors and convert leads from a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, logistics and energy. You have a strong value proposition in your target sector/s.


Market size
Global Foreign Direct Investment totalled US$ 1.39 trillion in 2019. Competition for FDI is rapidly increasing among countries due to the impact of COVID-19 and the growing number of Investment Promotion Agencies and Special Economic Zones emerging globally. 


Who you sell to
Actively investing companies typically leaders from logistics, renewable energy, healthcare, finance/technology, ICT and manufacturing, both startup and enterprise. These organisations are looking to expand internationally considering a wide range of factors such as workforce, natural resources, transportation and communication, financial incentives.

Your target buyers
Typically C-suite given the strategic nature of the decision, but a wide buying committee, often regional heads, business development and operations leaders, location consultants, expansion managers and others influencing global expansion decisions.


Marketing Approach
Highly customised Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach to connect with a target list of pre-qualified target corporates with a propensity to invest or broader, speculative sector outreach. This market lends itself well to virtual roundtables and interactive panel discussions.

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