We work hard to get to know our clients personally, focusing on transparency and trust from the start.  As relationships develop we agree long term performance-based deals which tie our payments to outcomes.

We love to see our clients succeed. Here are 4 recent case studies of companies in very different situations who have hired Network Sunday. See what they have to say.


Network Sunday initiates a $7million contract for its global telecoms client

Collaborating with Network Sunday and embracing new working methods, resulted in a three year deal with a global drinks manufacturer, worth just over $7million, with the potential of that doubling over the first 12 months.


Network Sunday’s service results in a $2M initial contract with a major retail brand

Meetings generated by Network Sunday resulted in a $2million contract with a major retailer and numerous large late stage enterprise pipeline opportunities.


Network Sunday builds in-house sales opportunity engine for Certeco

By implementing a working training programme and working collaboratively with Certeco, Network Sunday were able to transfer their methods, processes and skills, whilst delivering six sales accepted opportunities per month within the Financial Services sector.


Network Sunday accelerates Triad’s pipeline growth with educational-led marketing

As a provider of outsourced technology services Triad understands the value of working with specialised third parties to deliver top of the pipeline growth whilst concentrating on its core competence which is building great IT solutions.


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