'On top of the clients already won we expect to win three customers this year, each of them representing about £2 million worth of revenue.'
Tom Gatten, CEO Growth Intelligence

These are some of the results experienced by our customers. Our services support a range of KPIs across the sales and marketing spectrum.

Below we have shared some client stories all of which are referenceable. Email us at for more information.

Growth Intelligence

Tom Gatten, CEO

“We had a strong recommendation from someone. It’s a tangential way of marketing, I think the best marketing is tangential, something that is participatory content creation as Network Sunday is. When you’re buying a B2B service, a lot of what you’re buying is the quality of the relationship you have with people. I consistently get people saying that they are pleased. We’re probably going to win three customers this year, each of them representing about £2 million worth of revenue.”

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Katie Smith, Director of Marketing

“A highly personalised demand generation approach, which is very refreshing in this day and age. Network Sunday’s unique approach facilitated by, offers value upfront through thought leadership, with sales and selling a natural byproduct that comes later. There’s a wealth of knowledge here that we’ve gained from a really interesting and impactful set of people. Many of the interviews and follow-on discussions have helped to strengthen opportunities, and reestablish or progress sales discussions that have been in the midst for a very long time.”

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Esri UK

Simon Weaver, Senior Marketing Manager

From the beginning, it was obvious that there was a really clear structure in place and a mature process which is managed well. Network Sunday programme through their association with allowed us to engage with key strategic target organisations in their language and to position our solution and expertise accordingly. There is so much more that we’re getting out of it, beyond that immediate sales ROI: a better understanding of the market, a better understanding of our prospects, elevating the conversation to a more strategic level, positioning our brand the way that we want to, getting the insight for marketing messaging for the industry, etc

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Steve Tongish, Chief Marketing Officer

The approach that Network Sunday takes through its association with is all about creating content that is interesting, valuable, and insightful. So, it’s the process of building a relationship that can be handed over to us for further discussion. That’s very important because it’s much more valuable and effective than hitting people cold with our propositions. Network Sunday creates the opportunity for us to talk with these organisations, it allows us to go after those harder nuts that we have a hard time cracking, and to do it in a way that is much more collaborative.

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Stefano Iacono, Head of Demand Generation

Network Sunday have become synonymous with the VIP sales and marketing efforts to Modulr’s top-tier accounts helping us strengthen Modulr’s brand across key verticals which include key lending, accounting, banking, recruitment, and travel. Our programmes are also building relationships with digital transformation consultants and systems integrators, generating >2 £M pipeline. Working with Network Sunday has been an absolute pleasure. They constantly bring great ideas to the table, challenge our thinking, and all whilst being excellent tacticians“.

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What sets Network Sunday apart is how approachable they are. Whenever you need to discuss something, it’s easy to get hold of somebody. This has helped to reduce delays in content production massively. Being able to jump on a call with a few changes, and see those changes made in the same day is hugely valuable. In my whole experience of working with Network Sunday, timelines have never slipped because of them – it’s only ever down to me!

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Enterprise Technology Services

Now into our third year supporting this successful $Billion IT services client we have extended the scope of services to the US, supporting 2 key industry groups, producing 4 eBooks this year, at least 2 strategic events and dozens of C-Level meetings.

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Enterprise Geospatial Productivity & Collaboration Software

Focused on penetrating 2 key industry sectors for this GIS software provider across the US and Europe, Network Sunday’s ABM solution has opened doors to decision-makers at priority accounts that were previously unreachable, generating solid pipeline and a new content-led lead generation model.

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Global Communications Provider

We are delighted to be working for a Euro c.400 Million division one of the worlds largest telecommunications companies who are ramping up their investment with Network Sunday following a sale and a solid number of SQLs generated within a few months of the first campaign. The ABM service has extended to new account teams and we have broadened the scope to content marketing and virtual events.

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Trading Platform Provider

We are excited to be generating results for a global commodities trading platform, whose buyers are predominantly in the emerging economies of Asia and South America and offer a broad range of insights for the content.  The first campaign delivered dozens of interviews and thousands of content views. We also provide LinkedIn and Email content marketing and community nurture services.

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IT Security & Marketing Solutions

Following the acquisition of one of our clients in 2019, we are now a prized demand generation partner for a c.$3Billion software and solutions giant offering digital experiences and security to consumer businesses in the US and Europe. Delivering an unrivalled number of new business conversations, Network Sunday is running parallel campaigns into the IT and Marketing functions.

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IT Cloud Transformation

The client is a successful high growth IT services business founded in the 90s with offices in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Brazil. They have grown largely through acquisitions. The company turnover c. £375 million, and has been recognised as a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting. The client’s UK marketing and sales team have been utilising Network Sunday’s lead generation and content since 2016.

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IT Resourcing & Services Provider

Our 6-year engagement with Triad Group PLC a £20M IT resourcing and solutions practice with large contracts with the UK government has helped them gather momentum in the private sector with £Millions in new revenue generated and an established lead generation and content production capability.

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