SME Technology

You are either (1) a B2B Software platform provider likely to have raised considerable funding given your unique technology and market demand.

Or perhaps you are (2) a specialist IT services or consulting firm with deep knowledge of a specific domain e.g. testing, development of cloud migration. You might partner with Microsoft, SAP or Salesforce or another major technology platform. 


Market size
The global technology market for SMEs is > 600 billion U.S. dollars covering IT hardware, software, and services, including business services, worldwide and continues to grow.


Who you sell to
Your market is likely to be broad either within a specific sector e.g. Financial Services or across most private sectors. You may have some enterprise clients but these companies are harder to secure, often purchasing from the biggest brands or building solutions in-house.  Most of your clients are Tier 2 corporates and small and medium sized companies.

Your target buyers
Given the broad range of target companies, these can vary from a functional leader e.g. the director of operations of a large utility to the CEO of a commodity trading business.


Outbound Marketing Approach
Generally a mix of highly customised research-led ABM with a broader outreach process given the larger market.