Our clients discuss their experience with Network Sunday’s Thought Leadership-led lead generation solution.

Watch these c. 9 min videos to find out what it’s like to run Thought leadership programs, completely new and highly effective solutions for building relationships with decision makers and influencers at your target accounts.

Are you interested in running a thought leadership initiative for your organisation?

– Accelerate meetings and sales.

– Deep insights into new accounts.

– Build confidence and credibility.

Elaine Stewart Head of Travel, Transport & Hospitality at Mindtree Europe

Adrian Leer – Managing Director at Triad PLC

“People happy to share information which gives a big clue on priorities and direction they’re heading in.”


“Already built rapport by asking them about their opinions. They’re feeling that they’ve been listened to and are more receptive to answering questions.”


“To get those meetings to the stage you got to with the contacts you got would have taken us a year to do what you managed to do in a quarter.”

“We are a refreshing change to those people who are overtly selling something.”


“By the time we get to a face to face meeting the prospect has been through a survey, perhaps participated in a panel discussion, contributed to the eBook, it’s like they are part of the family already. There’s an affiliation there that’s completely unheard of before when we were doing traditional lead generation work.”


“There’s that affinity with each other, when we’re in the room it’s about solving problems, it’s not about a traditional sell and supply kind of relationship.”

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